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IT Consulting

Charged by the hour, a qualified consultant is available for discussion and implementation for any computer or network related problems or issues.

The Ri-tech Computing Services team have over 20 years experience with Microsoft based systems and more than 10 years experience with Linux/Unix based systems.

Focusing on the small to medium sized businesses our comprehensive technical knowledge base results from providing IT support in a range of business environments.

As-Needed Support is provided when it's time to upgrade your systems, install new software or your server has just crashed. We will analyse the situation, discuss your needs, develop a plan of attack, implement the solution, and follow up after completion. 

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Utopiia Managed Small Business Server

The Utopiia Managed Small Business Server is a server specially designed to meet the needs of small business, providing remote access to your office, managing your office's internet connection, keeping your most precious business commodity safe, your data.

With a Utopiia managed small business server you can sleep at night knowing that your data is protected by a RAID1 (dual mirrored hard drives).

Backup is performed internally and externally on a weekly and monthly to assure you that your data is always safe even in the event of a hardware crash or an inadvertent deletion.

Additionally, by providing remote access and internet website blocking features you have complete control over your data and your staff's internet browsing habits.

Linux Services (GNU/Linux)

At Ri-tech Computing Services we are avid lovers of GNU/linux. There are many ways to use GNU/Linux software and open-source software in your business to save spending money on closed source proprietary solutions.
GNU/Linux has wide and varied applications ranging from desktop use to server use. GNU/Linux has so many applications in network and business use the ideas and applications are endless.

Support Agreements

After an initial period of pay by the hour, it is recommended to move to a small business support agreement.

A small business support agreement improves the relationship of 
Ri-tech Computing Services and your business by improving record keeping, providing timely onsite service for any computer issues and reducing your yearly IT support cost by giving you an easy to pay monthly fee. Knowing what your yearly IT support costs are in advance greatly improves your cash flow, budgeting and long term forecast.

Take advantage of the consistency of a support agreement with set hours for desktop IT support and local area network (LAN) maintenance. With a support agreement you get service at a set time on a regular basis.

Regular onsite service and support provides benefits such as:

  • Consistency
  • Planning
  • Common Platform
  • IT budget improving cash flow

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