Utopiia Servers

The Utopiia Managed Small Business Server is a server specially designed to meet the needs of small business, providing remote access to your office, managing your office's Internet connection, keeping your most precious business commodity safe, your data.

Features and Benefits
  • 2x 1Tb (1000Gb) Hard drives configured as RAID1, (hard disk mirroring) keeping you safe from a hard disk crash.
  • Remote Access: Gives your staff and you remote access to your network so you can run a remote office, or work from home.
  • Provides a full featured firewall to keep your network safe.
  • Complete Internet Control: Monitor your internet usage with graphs and control access to the internet per individual computer, giving you the option to restrict access to particular website's which staff may spend too much time browsing during work hours.
  • Data retrieval: A weekly and monthly archive of your data is stored on the server that enables you to go back in time if you accidentally delete a document or spreadsheet (depending on hard disk usage).
  • Individual password protected shares can be created so Management can have a private area on the server for sensitive data.
  • Server is remotely monitored and managed by Ritech Computing Services keeping the firewall secure and the Server running flawlessly.
Hardware to suit the Utopiia Managed Small Business Server is as follows :
  • Dual Core Modern CPU
  • 2x 1000Gb Hard Drives
  • 2 Gb RAM
  • 2x Network Cards

*You will require an internet connection and a static IP address from your ISP

Utopiia Managed Small Business Server includes all Linux Services, for more information go our Linux page.

You can also find Utopiia Managed Small Business Server information in pdf format here.

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