Linux Services

Ritech Computing Services are proud members of the Open Source and GNU/Linux community and would like ‘free software’ and the Open Source ideal to continue and thrive.

We consult on a varied range of GNU/Linux services, please find the following table as an introduction.


Service Description
Set Up
Monthly Hardware Maintenance – replacement hardware will be prepared with custumer configuration within 4 business hours and made available for pickup (backup of data on the system remains the responsibility of the customer) call for pricing
Firewall with Rule Sets (Ethernet, PPP, or PPOE, ISDN, Serial), IP Routing, Network Address Translation, DNS and DHCP $250 $15
Squid Proxy Services – Transparent Proxy $250 $15
FTP Server $250 $15
Web Server $250 $15
SQL Server – MySQL or PostGreSQL $250 $25
Fax Server $250 $15
SAMBA Server – MS File and Print Services $250 $15
VPN – Virtual Private Network $250 $15
Router – Complex multiple interface routing rulesets for DMZ’s and LAN’s. $250 $25
Routing Mail Server – SMTP Mail server, Mail Routing & Reporting $250 $25
Routing Mail Server – SMTP Mail server, Mail Routing & Reporting $250 $25
Utopiia Managed Small Business Server (includes all of the above) $690 $30


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