IT Products


Ritech Computing Services offer quality, new office PC's with Windows 10, Solid state drives and onsite warranty. Please contact us for a quote.

 Contact Ritech Computing Services today! We'll get all your computer needs sorted!

Offsite Backup Services

Backing-up data is absolutely essential for home and businesses. Computers are prone to malfunction and files can become corrupted. Data backup and data recovery can mean the difference between a minor computer set back and massive information catastrophe.Ritech Computing Services will safe-guard your computer or network from data loss. Phone or email for a quote today...

Portable Operating Systems

Portable Operating Systems are completely isolated operating systems which allow you plug into any pc and operate independently from the pc you've plugged into.

Benefits include protecting your pc from viruses, spyware and other nasties while browsing, as well as no record of your browsing remaining on the pc.

Computer Accessories

We supply assorted computer accessories from hard drives to ADSL modems to motherboards and assorted computer components.

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